ferris-ds 🎡

Design system for WBEZ.org

Version: 6.0.2

GitHub data updated: Jan 29, 2020

Starter CSS

Starter CSS > all.css


This includes our whole system. You will very rarely want to import this. One use case is this documentation site.

@import "@wbez/ferris-ds/assets/scss/all"

Starter CSS > cookbook.css


This CSS file establishes the styles for our cookbook — components and classes that digital editors can drop into stories.

@import "@wbez/ferris-ds/assets/scss/cookbook"

Starter CSS > no-resets.css


This CSS file uses everything with the exception of our resets. We use this to generate standalone CSS for components. In that process we take the component HTML and no-resets.css. We then prune the excess CSS that isn't referenced in the HTML. If you were to navigate to pages/components/{c-component-name}/raw-preview.html and view source, you'll see the pruned output of this file based on the HTML of the component.

@import "@wbez/ferris-ds/assets/scss/no-resets"